AnguillaWelcome to Anguilla!

If what you want to do is relax on a beautiful beach and enjoy clear blue waters and cool tropical breezes without the constant hustle of tourists, Anguilla is probably the island for you.

This tiny British territory, measuring 16 miles long by three miles at its widest point, is found in the eastern Caribbean at the top of the Leeward Island chain.

Anguilla’s 9,000 or so inhabitants are proud of their 30 powdery white sand beaches, world-class hotels and exquisite restaurants. Not surprisingly, tourism is the mainstay of this tiny country’s economy and their cuisine is considered among the best in the Caribbean.

Of course, the warm waters are great for diving and water-sports as there is an abundance of marine life. And the beaches are out of this world. In fact, Anguilla claims one of the worlds top 10 beaches Shoal Bay East

But this is not the place to visit for wild nightlife or casinos (there aren’t any).

Relax on the beaches, tour the historic buildings, dine like royalty (with a little luck, you might see a princess or movie star; this island is frequented by the famous!).

Anguilla Resorts

Accommodation in Anguilla
You’ll find the ultimate in luxury accommodations at many of the world renown resorts on Anguilla – among them, places like Cap Juluca, Viceroy and Cuisinart all renowned 5 star resorts among the best in the world, but there are other, more affordable places at which you’ll also be pampered. We recommend visiting one of our partner Anguilla Travel Specialist’s in your country to get the best possible price for packages including accommodation and flights for your dream holiday in paradise.

Things to do in Anguilla

Anguilla Activities
Anguilla was made for relaxation. No bustling crowds, no casinos and no cruise ports: just you and the powdery white Anguilla beaches. But if you crave to learn the history of the island there are a couple of historical buildings that might be of interest.

On the outskirts of the capital, The Valley, is the Wallblake House, an 18th century colonial house built by Valentine Blake. Next to the house is St. Gerard’s Catholic Church, built in a fascinating architectural style using large rocks and stones. The Warden’s Place, located in The Valley, is another historical landmark. Built by slaves, this sugarcane plantation home had many owners before it became the restaurant it is today.

For those visitors requiring something a little more energetic during their vacation on Anguilla golf courses are available at Cap Juluca and Cuisinart to name a couple or you could try your hand at sailing or tennis. This in in addition to a large variety of water sports including some great diving.

Most visitors are drawn to Anguilla for the wide stretches of white sand and sunny weather. Shoal Bay East, located on the northeast end of the island has been ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. Here you can rent snorkeling equipment and float around the coral reef, exploring the beauty of the ocean world.

Culture and History of Anguilla

In 1493 Columbus named Anguilla, which means “eel” in Spanish, because of the shape of the island and its windy shorelines. The Arawak Indians inhabited the island until 1650 when settlers from Britain came to start the first colony. Everything was somewhat quiet on the sleepy island until about 1825, when the British government made Anguilla along with St. Kitts and Nevis a single Crown Colony. Not really bothered by this declaration, the people of Anguilla went about their lives until 1966 when Britain took it upon themselves to make the three islands an associated state. Not once did the British government consult or allow a representative from Anguilla to participate in the decision making. Ten years latter, Anguilla restored their independence and created a separate constitution outlining their own government with elected representatives.

Anguilla all Inclusive

Anguilla Dining

Anguilla offers a selection of all inclusive resorts which provide a great variety of cuisine designed to cater to the tastes of international visitors. However the island is full of top quality restaurants and it would be a real shame to not at least check out a few during your visit, even if you choose one of the all inclusive options.

Most restaurants on Anguilla offer French and local cuisine. Fresh fish caught by local fisherman are offered at most restaurants and is a must for seafood lovers.

If you are watching your calories but don’t want to give up the taste, try Mango’s, a small eatery with outdoor dining. Most everything is homemade and the fish is grilled.

Another tasty stop is the Palm Court Restaurant. The menu includes Caribbean seafood as well as delicious oven-roasted vegetables. It is located in the Cinnamon Reef Resort at Little Harbor.

For the best view of the island while you dine, go to Lucy’s Harbour View and Restaurant. Homemade pumpkin soup, curried goat, kingfish and conch fritters are all prepared with a creative touch that will melt in your mouth.

If you’re just looking for a place to hang out and sip rum, an inexpensive suggestion is Smitty’s Restaurant. Located on Anguilla’s northern beach, you can dine on fresh seafood while palms blow around you.

Shopping in Anguilla

No one goes to Anguilla to shop but it’s nice to buy an island souvenir to remember your vacation. Most stores are local artists selling their own work. Oil paintings and driftwood carvings can be found as well as ceramics. Just stroll around and maybe you’ll return home with an island masterpiece!

If you’re really in the mood to shop, most visitors to Anguilla will catch a ferry to St. Martin where there is a wider selection of merchandise the ferry only takes about 15 minutes .

Anguilla is truly a tropical experience done right.

Climate: Anguilla weather averages 80F year-round

Currency: The Eastern Caribbean dollar, but US currency is also widely accepted.

Language: English

Time: Atlantic standard time year round (one hour ahead of EST).

Where is Anguilla:

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