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Located just 15 miles north of Venezuela in the southeast Caribbean, Aruba is an island of powdery beaches lining azure waters, high-rise resort hotels and a dozen or so dazzling casinos. It is one of the island trio known as the ABC Islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad, has some of the best international shopping found in the Caribbean. Dutch and Spanish-style buildings reflect the island’s rich cultural history.

Approximately 80,000 people live on this beautiful Dutch island paradise of 70 square miles. Tourism in the economy’s mainstay. With less than 20 inches of rainfall annually, cacti and divi-divi trees dot the landscape. From the peak of Hooiberg, a mountain which rises from the center of the island, Venezuela’s outline can sometimes be seen.

Whether your goal is to relax or be entertained, Aruba has it all for tourists: water sports, beaches, shopping, casinos and nightlife. Whatever your pace, the people of Aruba are anxious for you to enjoy their island home.

Aruba Weather: The climate in Aruba is dry and sunny, temperature averages 82F. Very little rain.

Currency: The Aruban florin, but US currency is widely accepted.

Language: Papiamento is the local language, but Spanish and English are commonly used.

Map of Aruba: Find out exactly where is Aruba located.

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