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Barbuda is Antigua’s sister island although it could not be more different. In Barbuda you will find a Caribbean island that is unspoiled by tourism. It is renowned for its beaches which are natural, sprinkled with pink sand and miles long.  The island, just 15 miles long and eight miles wide, has the deep blue Atlantic on one side with wild beaches full of driftwood and shells and the calm Caribbean sea on the other – perfect for swimming and snorkeling, with plenty of opportunities to see turtles and many varieties of tropical fish undisturbed in the turquoise water.

The beauty of Barbuda is in its natural, peaceful way of life. It is not for visitors who are looking for nightlife or entertainment! Indeed, this is a place where you relax, slow down and make your own entertainment. The population of 1,500 all live in the village of Codrington and apart from this small village there are only three hotels: the exclusive and upscale K Club (where Princess Diana spent several of her holidays), the membership-only and very private Coco Point Lodge and the Palmetto Hotel which is due to re-open in November 1999. There are several small guest houses in the village, ranging from single rooms to self-catering cottages. Village life is unaffected by tourism and if you are a guest here you will soon be part of the social life of the local people. The locals, known as Barbudans, are helpful and friendly people and welcome visitors to their island. Barbuda is mostly very rocky and flat.
Much of the island is covered in bush and there are unmarked roads and tracks to the beaches. It is possible to cycle almost as easily as driving as speed is of no importance here. The bush hides all kinds of wildlife, including deer and boar, land turtles and guinea fowl and the occasional wild cat. There are feral cattle, horses and donkeys wandering about and in the village sheep and goats roam freely, returning to their pens at night. There are several salt ponds where it is possible to see a great variety of bird life, and in the lagoon the most spectacular of all the birds, the rare Magnificent Frigate bird has a colony of approximately 2000 birds, one of the largest in the world.

Barbuda Weather: Temperatures in Barbuda vary from the mid-70s to the mid-80’s.

Currency: The Eastern Caribbean dollar, but U.S. currency is widely accepted.

Language: English.

Barbuda Map: Where is Barbuda? The google map below will help you find the location of this paradise island!

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