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If you are a nature lover who wants to experience the beauty of both tropical life and sea life, Bonaire is your vacation destination. Located 30 miles east of its sister island, Curacao, Bonaire lies on top of a 24-mile-long volcanic ridge off the coast of South America.

Known specifically for its spectacular diving sites, this island prides itself on the conservation of the environment. The island is fringed with coral reefs which means you don’t have to travel far from the shore to snorkel or dive. Another highlight is the190 species of birds including parrots, cuckoos, roseate flamingos and black-whiskered vireo that live on the island. There is no commercial over-development on the island and all of the hotels are small, locally run establishments that will make you feel like one of the natives.

Bonaire Weather:: Mostly sunny, temperatures on Bonaire average 82F throughout the year.

Currency: US currency and traveler’s checks are widely accepted.

Banking: Banking hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays.

Language: English, Papiamento and Spanish are commonly spoken, but the official language is Dutch.

Bonaire Map: You can find out the location of Bonaire on the google map below:

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