British Virgin Islands

Welcome to the British Virgin Islands!

As a cluster of rocks, cays, spits, islands and volcanic atolls, the British Virgin Islands are less developed than the US group. Most of the population are of foreign origin and live on the two major islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda.

Tortola is the largest of the islands and home of the colony’s capital, Road Town, which is relatively new to tourism. Visitors are welcomed to tour the quiet shops and colonial buildings as well as the J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens located on the outskirts of town. One place worth visiting is the Sage Mountain National Park. Here you can explore the hiking paths and view remains of a primeval rain forest.

Virgin Gorda:
This island is famous for The Baths. Set in unique forms of granite, these hidden sea pools are a sight to be seen. Some historic man-made structures still stand such as a Spanish fort in the Little Fort National Park and a copper mine which dates back to 1838.

This 15-square-mile remote island is a favorite among divers. The coral reefs surrounding it have sunk over 200 ships. Also a 1,100-acre bird sanctuary is the home of several flamingos, ospreys, herons and terns that live on the island.

Climate: The weather in the British Virgin Islands averages 80-90F year round
Currency: The US dollar
Language: English
Population: 17,500 approx

Where are The British Virgin Islands located:

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