Dominican Republic

Welcome to the Dominican Republic!

Christopher Columbus himself is said to have declared, “there is no more beautiful island in the world.” If that was true of the Dominican Republic in 1492, it still may be so today.

This naturally beautiful country occupying the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola (Haiti occupies the remaining third), offers rugged mountains, beautiful beaches, rolling hills and valleys – and the richest history of any Caribbean country.

Nestled between Cuba (150 miles northwest) and Puerto Rico (75 miles east), the Dominican Republic comprises 19,120 square miles with a population of 7.6 million. It’s mountain range provides the highest peak in the West Indies, the 10,417-foot Pico Duarte.

Rich with history, the capital city, Santo Domingo, is the oldest city in the Americas. Indeed, the Dominican Republic is home to the oldest street, house, cathedral, university and hospital in the New World! Here you will find fascinating museums and renovated buildings.

Take a trip to the Columbus Lighthouse, a pyramid structure that allegedly contains the bones of Columbus. Or visit the Museum of the Royal Houses and see replicas of Columbus’ ships and sunken treasures from 1724. Another fascinating stop is the Jardin Botanico which is the largest Latin American botanical gardens, covering 445 acres, which can be toured on a horse-drawn carriage.
Climate: The Weather in the Dominican Republic ranges in the 80s to mid-90s year-round.

Currency: Dominican peso.

Language: Spanish and English.

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