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Jamaica seduces travelers with its green lands, tranquil mountain ranges, beautiful white-sand beaches and its clear blue seas. Positioned 90 miles south of Cuba, this plush island offers tourists a wide variety of activities.

As the birthplace of reggae and the late Bob Marley, you can dance the night away to the island tunes. Or for the sports enthusiast, Jamaica provides a variety of sports ranging from golfing on any of the island’s 12 Championship golf courses to an assortment of water sports. The multiracial blend of the Island natives provides visitors with an insight into the unique culture of Jamaica that you will never forget.

As one of the largest Caribbean islands, Jamaica cannot be explored in a few days. Most travelers will want to relax in the north coast cities – Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril – rather than the busy capital, Kingston.

OCHO RIOS: Surrounded by breathtaking countryside, Ocho Rios (which translates to Eight Rivers) lies on Jamaica’s north coast between Montego Bay and Port Antonio. Visitors take advantage of the city’s top-quality dive spots exploring coral mountains and underwater caves. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Dunns River Falls – a natural series of waterfalls which you can climb. In the evening, the streets of Ocho Rios are filled with a variety of entertainment from limbo dancers to musicians, and even fire-eaters!

MONTEGO BAY: Montego Bay is situated in the northwestern coast of Jamaica and is the second largest city. With its free port, Montego Bay is an ideal place for market shopping. Visitors may also tour several surrounding plantations, which give an insight into the history of how sugarcane, the Caribbean’s boom crop, produced great fortunes for Jamaica’s largest landholders.

NEGRIL: Famous for its laid-back village atmosphere, Negril is set on the western-most part of the island. Draped with its seven miles of powdery sand, towering cliffs and thick tropical foliage, the city still maintains its rustic character. Negril is a great location for snorkeling and scuba diving. Sightseers also enjoy the 100-year old Negril Point Lighthouse and Bamboo Avenue, a two-mile stretch of road covered by a canopy of tall bamboo trees.

Climate: The weather in Jamaica is fairly constant year round with daytime temperatures ranging from the high 70s to the mid-80s

Population: Approximately 2,506,000. Jamaica is made up of mostly people of African descent, but also include people of European, Arabic, Chinese and East Indian ancestry as well.

Currency: The Jamaican dollar, but United States currency is widely accepted. Exchange rates vary; check the current exchange rate with a bank.

Language: English

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