Welcome to the Martinique!

It’s France in the Caribbean.

Martinique, a 425-square-mile oasis which is the northern most of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, offers visitors everything from mountains – crowned by Mount Pelee, a dormant volcano – and plush rainforests to beautiful white-sand beaches and tropical flora with a French accent.

Discovered by Columbus in 1493 and settled by the French in 1635, Martinique is a part of the French West Indies. Far from being a “colony” of France, natives of Martinique enjoy the same rights and benefits (including free compulsory education and health benefits) as citizens of France.

This is a beautiful island to visit. The cuisine is exceptional and the natives are friendly. Explore museums hosting ancient island artifacts and tour the birthplace of Empress Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, who helped to perpetuate slavery here 75 years after it was abolished in France and its territories. Play golf at the spectacular Golf de l’Imperatrice 18-hole golf course, considered one of Caribbean’s best. Or take advantage of the great buys on genuine French imports.

However you plan to spend your vacation in Martinique, the French style of this island paradise will capture your heart.

Climate: The weather in Martinique averages 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

Currency: Euro.

Banking: Banks are open from 7:30 a.m. to noon and 2:30 to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Capital: Fort-de-France.

Language: French and Creole. (Tours in English are available.)

Population: Approximately 365,000

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