Puerto Rico

Welcome to Puerto Rico!

The most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is large enough to fulfill all your vacation needs. From beautiful beaches, tropical rain forests and historic museums to exciting nightlife and casinos, this 3,500-square-mile United States territory is a one-stop island paradise.

As the smallest and most eastern of the Greater Antilles (Cuba, Jamaica and Hispaniola are the others), Puerto Rico, located 1000 miles southeast of Florida, comprises 79 cities and towns, each unique in its style and presentation.

There’s so much to do here! Perfect for the golfer, Puerto Rico has several championship courses. More than 250 miles of sun-drenched beaches spell delight for those who simply want to relax and sun-worship. An abundance of coral reefs will also enchant snorkelers and scuba divers.

For those who love to learn about history there is Old San Juan, a National Historic Zone, a seven-square-mile district of museums, churches, forts and other historic sites. San Juan, the capital city with a population of 1.5 million, has narrow cobblestone streets, public squares, and even two fortresses at either end of the city built to protect against European invaders.

Ponce, the island’s second largest city, is known as the intellectual gathering center of the island, and has attracted several poets, painters and politicians thoughout history. Here you will find the Ponce Art Museum which has an incredible collection of late-Renaissance and Baroque works from more than 1,000 painters and 400 sculptures as well as a pre-Columbian Indian burial ground.

If you vacation here, you must visit a true rain forest. In Puerto Rico the El Yunque is the U.S.’s only Tropical Rain Forest National Park, filled with four forest types, 240 species of tropical trees, flowers and wildlife. And visit the Rio Camuy Cave Park, a series of limestone sinkholes connected by the Camuy River that form some of the largest caves in the western world.
Climate: The weather in Puerto Rico, temperatures average in the winter is 73sF and 85sF in the summer.

Currency: The U.S. dollar.

Banking: Banks are open from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Population: 3.6 million.

Language: Spanish and English.

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For more information to help you plan your trip to Puerto Rico, contact:

The Puerto Rica Tourist Office webite at: http://www.seepuertorico.com/

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